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Micheal Collins

Founder, Director
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Nagitha Kumarasinghe

Founder, Director
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The Business Admissions Test™ was created by a team of standardised tests experts with extensive knowledge of test preparation. We designed the Business Admissions Test™ to accurately identify candidates with the right academic capacity for business education, solid business experience, and a creative approach to issue resolution and opportunity identification.

We understand the complicated issues that business schools face when admitting their candidates. In today’s rapidly changing business education landscape, we deem the admissions process lacking in certain areas that can be addressed.

As such, the main goal driving our team forward is the drive to simplify and improve the admissions process in all ways. We want a revolutionary platform that is easy to set up, simple to use, and able to give accurate results quickly. We want candidates to be able to take an admissions test without worrying about preparation. We want a valid, reliable test. The Business Admissions Test™ is the culmination of a tireless drive to achieve all these aforementioned goals, and we will continue to improve the platform to not just satisfy, but indeed exceed the expectations of our current clients.

If you find yourself in need of a better admissions process, we are always here to assist you.

Micheal Collins
Founder, Director
Nagitha Kumarasinghe
Founder, Director

Why The Business Admissions Test™?

All business schools want to admit the right candidates to their MBA & EMBA courses.

With that premise in mind, we have created the Business Admissions Test™ from the ground up to cater to business schools’ admissions needs.

The Business Admissions Test™ was designed to address the difficulties faced by schools during their admissions process. In particular, it is offered in multiple languages without Anglophone cultural bias, administered both online and offline, and does not require extensive test preparation. This increases the pool of potential candidates who might qualify for your programmes on the basis of their academic aptitude and business acumen, making the Business Admissions Test™ one of the best choices for business admissions right now.

1. Modern, relevant contents for business schools admissions

Candidates for MBA & EMBA programs are usually working senior executives who have years of experience under their belt. Hence, it does not make sense to use tests with content that centers on high school mathematics concepts, or archaic grammatical rules.

The Business Admissions Test™ sets out to accurately identify candidates with the right academic capacity for business education, solid business experience, and a creative approach to issue resolution and opportunity identification.

To do so, we have removed irrelevant content and added new, more relevant content.

Content to be added Content to be kept Content to be removed
  • Business and Leadership Experience
  • Business Mathematics and Language
  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication
  • Numeracy
  • Grammatical rules
  • Esoteric vocabulary
  • Rule-based math

2. Availability in multiple languages and avoidance of language bias

In today’s globalized world, business cohorts around the world are becoming increasingly diverse. This environment ensures a richer experience for students, as they are exposed to a wide breadth of perspectives and opinions.

Knowing this, we have worked hard to ensure that the content for the Business Admissions Test™ works well in languages besides English. This allows our test to avoid the inherent bias other tests might face and help your programmes to admit a wider body of candidates from all over the world.

Currently, the Business Admissions Test™ is offered in Chinese, English, French, Russian, and Spanish.

3. Flexible administration and competitive pricing

The Business Admissions Test™ can be administered both online and offline, giving you more options for testing and admitting your candidates. Results are accessible via our Business Test Methods™ platform and can be accessed anywhere via a browser.


“…[The Business Admissions Test™ team] brought a deep understanding of standardized testing for the graduate business education market to the table and we were impressed with their professionalism as well as the quality of results we have achieved.”
Peter Zemsky
Acting Dean of INSEAD 2012
“Our conclusion is that the INSEAD Test provides as much information as the GMAT while giving us much greater flexibility in our admissions procedures.”
Kristen Lynas
INSEAD EMBA Program Director
“Offering the Business Admissions Test™ online, allows us to almost instantly receive the results and thorough reports, which help us to quickly evaluate the respective candidates and make admission decisions, often on the same day.
I strongly recommend the Business Admissions Test™ for any top business school and would like to take the opportunity to especially thank the great team at BTmethods for their ongoing support, constant attention and complete and quick assistance throughout the years.”
Lennart Ehrl
Admissions Manager Degree Programs, ESMT BERLIN

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