Pontificia Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA)

Buenos Aires
The mission of the University is the constant search for truth through research, conservation and communication of human knowledge for the good of society (Ex Corde Ecclesiae 30), in a framework of academic excellence, leadership in the field of knowledge and community engagement.

The University organizes education and comprehensive training to prepare youth and all those with a college vocation in the specific work of culture, scientific research, the ministry of higher teaching and in the exercise of liberal professions, caring to promote its scientific specialization, professional, artistic or, its university culture or higher, making it able to exercise its vocation with competence and a straight Catholic sense of one's duties and thus to play a leadership role in society .

By its own identity, the Catholic University must respond appropriately to the serious contemporary problems, particularly in Argentina and the regional situation, in the complex field of modern intellectual culture, discovering in the revealed word of God an interpellation, a mandate and a livelihood.

Programs using the Business Admissions Test™

The Euro-Latam Blended MBA Program is an AMBA accredited diploma, delivered by KEDGE Business School in France and UCA in Argentina. It is delivered in English and is based on an innovative blended learning pedagogy.

Upon completion of the program, the student will be awarded two certifications:
  • an AMBA Accredited Blended MBA Degree from KEDGE Business School
  • an Executive Education certificate from UCA.
Objective of the Programme

In its construction and content, the programme will allow each participant to:
  • Develop a global strategic vision
  • Master the technicalities of modern business management
  • Build a cohesive vision of business
  • Integrate knowledge and apply to real life situations
  • Develop their personal networks and career
  • Grow their leadership skills
  • Understand how to manage themselves in business situations.