Stockholm School of Economics offers two Executive MBA programs

The EMBA GM in English Program is focused on leadership, management efficiency and business processes optimization. The program includes such traditional management basics as strategy, organization behaviour, marketing, accounting and financial analysis, operations management, HRM, knowledge management, TQM and Business Excellence. 

The EMBA GM in Russian Program is an absolute equivalent of the EMBA GM in English of the Stockholm School of Economics Russia, taught in English. Learning and assimilation of the business concepts and management models that are successfully implemented in the western countries and could be put into practice here in Russian turbulent economical situation is the main aim of this EMBA GM in Russian program. If the only obstacle on your way is the language barrier your choice is evident!

Admissions Requirements

  • Completed higher education (Master, Specialist or Bachelor degree, with any major (speciality)
  • Five years or more of managerial experience
  • English language satisfactory proficiency: English is the language of instruction, participants must have a strong command of both written and spoken English

Application Procedure

  1. Documents

    1. Application Form (download and fill it in)
    2. Two recommendation letters. Please choose the language according to your demand:
      • Russian language form (download and fill it in)
      • English language form (download and fill it in)
    3. Five essays (Covering the questions given in the application form. The length of each essay should be around 600 words)
    4. Copy of the University degree (or equivalent to University degree) and the transcript
    5. High resolution Applicant's digital photo (should be pasted into the application form)
    6. Supplementary: certificates and other documents, which the applicant wants SSE to consider
    7. Copy of the Passport

    All relevant documents are to be provided in electronic format via mail to
    The same holds for the recommendation letters which are to be send by the referee directly to Stockholm School of Economics Russia  by e-mail.

  2. Testing Procedure

    1. English synonyms test
    2. Logical mathematical test
    3. Verbal logical test
    4. Quantity Estimation Test
    5. A testing procedure regarding personality dimensions and general mental ability
  3. Interview with SSE Russia representatives in English