Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO

Novaya ul. 100, Skolkovo Village
Odintsovsky District
Moscow Region, 143025
Линейка образовательных программ Московской школы управления СКОЛКОВО включает программы для бизнеса на всех стадиях его развития – от стартапа до крупной корпорации, выходящей на международные рынки. Все программы построены по принципу «обучение через действие» и включают в себя теоретические блоки, практические задания, проектную работу и международные модули. №1 в Восточной Европе по качеству корпоративных программ в рейтинге Financial Times 2020

The education programmes portfolio offered at Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO includes programmes specifically tailored for business at all stages of growth, from a start-up to a full-fledged major corporation entering international markets. All programmes are structured according to the “learning by doing” principle, and include theoretical blocks, practical assignments, project work and international modules. The school is ranked No. 1 in Eastern Europe according to the Financial Times 2020 Executive Education rankings.

Programs using the Business Admissions Test™

SKOLKOVO MBA is an international educational programme for people looking to acquire a broad range of managerial knowledge and make a career leap or bring their business to a new level.

Every year, the SKOLKOVO MBA programme brings together a unique class made up of both entrepreneurs and corporate managers. The programme is designed such that each student acquires custom skills that are useful specifically for their goals.

The SKOLKOVO Executive MBA programme brings together the business community, including top managers, entrepreneurs and business owners.

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