The Executive MBA (MEDEX)

The Executive MBA (MEDEX) is a catalyst of the C-suite professional’s career, reasserting the individual’s confidence in their decision-making skills and honing the competencies necessary to assume responsibility at the highest levels.

The professional boost that participants receive during this programme translates into high-impact performance and increased leadership abilities, evidenced by a global business vision and a profound sense of the company’s social mission.

Admissions Requirements

Candidates should be aged at least 28 years old, with a minimum of 7 years work experience, of which at least 3 should be at management level.

Candidates must demonstrate the support of their employer to pursue the course.

Application Procedure

The candidates will request information from the school and arrange a meeting with a director of the MEDEX program

The candidate will sit for the admissions test and attend a subsequent interview.

The admissions committee will review the entire application

The candidate will be notified of the committee's decision.