The Euro-Asia DBA

Today's senior executives find themselves confronted with challenges they were never prepared for during their academic studies. An interconnected, global economy with rapidly changing population dynamics and market forces; the emergence of developing nations as drivers of world markets; and; growing concerns about sustainability in business practices and the management of finite resources of all types -- these are just a few examples of the dynamic context in which modern business is conducted.

To be comfortable in this milieu requires business acumen, patience, and the conviction and confidence to take precise courses of action at the right moment in order to both remain at the forefront of the competitive market, and consistently progress as a business executive. In short, it requires experience.

The Euro-Asia Doctorate of Business Administration (EA-DBA) is a programme conceived precisely for these individuals -- those men and women who have proven themselves on the frontlines of the world of commerce, who have taken risks, experienced successes -- and failures -- and who now, after years of learning, maturing and reflecting on their careers, find themselves at a crossroads, asking themselves, "What's next?”

Three elite business schools all ranked among the world's best -- Kedge Business School (KEDGEBS), Korean University Business School (KU), and the Hong Kong Polytechnic University's Faculty of Business (PolyU) -- bring an answer to the table with the EA-DBA.

The EA-DBA is an international executive programme par excellence. For executives prepared to crown the achievements of their careers with a doctorate in business administration, it is the opportunity to answer the question, "What's next?" with the same decisive confidence and conviction that they have shown over the course of their careers.

Admissions Requirements

  • Successful completion of a master's degree or above (Master of Science, MPhil, an (E)MBA or equivalent)
  • 8 years professional experience. Preference is given to managerial or supervisory experience
  • If you are not a native speaker of English, the required level of English will be tested through an interview with the local programme managers
  • Business Admissions Test™ for non-management master's degree holders (administered internally by the Euro-Asia DBA programme. *Note: A fee of $100 USD is required at the time the BAT is given).
  • A completed online application form
  • An updated Curriculum Vitae
  • A Statement of Purpose describing the applicant's research interests and potential topic, professional objectives and academic intention.

Application Procedure

Application to the EA-DBA is made via KU or KEDGEBS. EA-DBA representatives are on hand to respond to and provide a personal level of service to all applicants on an individual basis, replying to each question and ensuring every step of the admission process is clear and professionally executed.