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The Test Format

The Business Admissions Test™ can consist of either one or two modules: Academic Aptitude (2 hours) and Leadership Evaluation (30 mins). Some School programs only require you take the Academic Aptitude section, while others require both.

Academic Aptitude

Purpose: Assess the candidate’s problem solving, data management, and logical thinking skills, in order to to determine the candidate’s readiness for a rigorous business academic curriculum.

Duration: 2 hours.
4 sections, 60 questions in total.

Leadership Evaluation

Purpose: Assess the candidate’s business acumen and maturity through a realistic business scenario, crafted to determine whether the candidate has had exposure to several business cycles and to general management decision-making.

Duration: 30 minutes.
1 section, 3 questions in total.

Taking the Test Online

When the School invites you to take the Business Admissions Test™, they will send you a link to the Business Test Methods™ platform.

To take the test online, your computer will have to satisfy the following requirements:
  • x64 Windows (7+) or MacOS (10.9+)
  • Administrative privilege

  • A working webcam

Internet connection
  • ADSL or fiber optics recommended
  • Use cabled connection if available

Taking the Test on Campus

If the School chooses to invite you on campus to take the test, you will either take it on paper or on a computer provided by the School.

Login to the Business Test Methods™ platform to access free practice tests or to purchase the Official Guide, which contains sample questions and explanations for each question type.


FAQs About The Test