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The business admissions test for the world

Designed specifically for graduate business programme admissions, the Business Admissions Test™ has been supporting schools all around the world since 2012 in admitting the right candidates to their programs. Backed by the easy-to-use Business Test Methods™ platform, schools can test and admit candidates remotely using our online test application.

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Online admissions for business programs made simple

Created by standardised test prep trainers with decades of experience, the Business Admissions Test™ is designed to simplify the admissions process for both business schools and candidates around the world.

With a simple process, accurate results, availability in multiple languages, both online and offline testing, and so much more, we are ushering in a new age of admissions which will greatly reduce your administrative load.

Admissions test

The Business Admissions Test™ was created in collaboration with INSEAD, the #1 business school in the world.

The INSEAD EMBA Test created by BTM is a key part of their admissions criteria.

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“Our conclusion is that the INSEAD Test provides as much information as the GMAT while giving us much greater flexibility in our admissions procedures.”

Kristen Lynas, INSEAD EMBA Program Director